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Selling An Idea...

K:  You vs. social media

B:  I think people get social media personality and everyday life confused. A lot of my time outside of creativity is spent in solitude.  The core of me is very down to earth, very nurturing and caring but I also feel that because of the music industry, you have to be a little bit more put on. A little more fluff.  I guess you have to learn how and when to turn it on and turn it off.  Another part of me feels like being an artist is a true character study. This is what BOSCO is, this is what she represents but than the core of me is like, I like to be by myself.  I like to go on long walks and reflect, to get lost in the wind. I really enjoy escapism. 

K:  How do you escape

I go on a lot of walks. I walk and walk and walk …I just think and I walk. I’m truly a walker. Like last night I walked for two hours, I didn’t know where I was going but I just walked around the city and I put my headphones on and really just thought about everything. 

K:  I feel like you can separate your true self from the internet but was it always like that for you

B:  I'm an emotional person. People aren’t really ready for the real you. There was once a time where I really didn’t know how to separate the two but than again social media and social platforms are all an illusion and you’re selling an idea. Of course BOSCO brand and BOSCO is me, totally but there’s no way I can be that put together and well kept all day. I don’t think anybody can just be on all day and we’ve been conditioned to show people what we want them to see. That’s the beauty of social media and also it's the unrealistic perspective because people hold you to these high expectations of 500 pixels. It’s only a part of me but it's not all of me and it's unfair to the artist to hold them to that standard 24/7 365. We are humans that have real emotions and feelings and it dehumanizes the artist when they try to be this character all day. 

K:  What's up with Internet validation 

B:  A lot of people have thousand of followers and if that shit went away they wouldn’t have any validation.  It’s important to establish genuine and true relationships with people organically and with people I really vibe with.  As I come of age I have this sense of confidence because I’ve experiences so much fuckery in the past that I know how to decipher the real from the fake and when people are good for me and when they aren’t. I'm very vocal about if I fuck with you but if I don’t it's very evident. My sense of confidence has come in the midst of trial and error and it's come with maturity and failure. Failure is the greatest teacher to me at this point in my life. I don’t see it as a negative thing.  I see it as an adult spanking, like ...you didn’t really nail it on the head this time but a least I know for the next time how to properly execute and how to do it ...because I have fallen on my face. That all comes with maturity and learning who you are and how you process information. If I wasn’t mature enough to handle failure I probably would have crumbled, but because I am sure of myself and I know my what I am capable of it's a little easier to recover these days than when I was just starting out in my carrier. 

K: Remember when we were at Silent Barn for your show and those girls came up to you and lowkey fanned out ..."Omg BOSCO can we take a picture with you?!" and I was laughing because like...

B: I know [Laughs] your like, this bitch sleeps on my couch...


B: It's weird...

K: I get it ...but I was like...ya it was weird...

B: Perception man.

K: I was like woah, that's super powerful. But with or without the internet you'll still have your art and your talents.

K: when do you feel the most beautiful 

B:  I feel the most beautiful when I go to weddings. I’m a romantic and I don’t really get to experience romanticism. I live vicariously through people who have that stability and love. Whenever I get to have a glimpse into their life it makes me feel I'm closer to some kind of security in the love department. I know it's natural for every girl to feel that way. I feel my most beautiful when I wear dresses or silk…it’s very simple for me.  I always have to have this cool factor and don’t get a chance to dress girly or be feminine or wear heals, so it's a treat when I get to do that and just be Brittany.

K:  What's did your mother always tell you

B: My mother’s slogan is "dream big." That was one of the things that she has instilled in me for years and years. To never to give up on my dreams no matter how big or small they are and just do what my heart desires. Her message is more in the spiritual realm but she always told be to dream big and be consistent with my vision.  She is a big supporter in where I am going in my career. 

K:  Does she know what you do

B:  She doesn’t really understand, like she gets it but her idea of success is like Niki Minaj and Beyonce. You know the things she sees on t.v. like American Idol or the voice. Thats their reality of making it. But over the years, slowly but surely I’ve been showing her the alternative way that musicians and creatives are doing it now. There’s different tears of success and celebrity …and I may not be an A-list celebrity or artist but I definitely have a message and my life is an example. I think she is finally understanding that I’m just a messenger and I just want to motivate people and show them that there is an alternative way to life. You don’t have to give the man 30 years, you can do what you want to do as long as you’re dedicated and diligent and pure. As long as you have good karma and your not fucking people over you will eventually get to where you need to go. 

Photography Justin French

Creative Direction  Kylah Benes-Trapp

Special thanks to Loroto Studios 

Hair by Foster Glorioso Salon