Meet Bernard Williams, Harlem world native, brand strategist and Co-Founder of Comedy Hype.

I call him the behind the scenes Puff Daddy in music and entertainment because well, you'll see...

Three years ago Bernard Williams received a phone call from Atlantic Records inquiring about an internship position that he hadn't applied for.  At the time he was unprepared and hadn't had enough experience for the job but instead of looking at it as a missed opportunity, he took something positive from the situation that he continued to use as a tool along his journey and from that day on he decide to make some changes. He realized the importance of being organized and the benefits of doing his research in order to be ready for any opportunity that may come along.

"You never know when certain information you've obtained will come in handy and you never know when a call like that will come your way."  

I met Bernard 6 years ago and I can say that he is the kind of person who you can end a quote in, "Bernard voice," because he has isms, "Bernardisms" and has a distinct way of delivering them. 

Calm, straight forward, practical and has no idea how funny he actually is.  He is a bright, goal oriented entrepreneur who has accomplished a lot thus far. In college Bernard was a radio personality on WSTU radio as well as Rap'd Up Radio podcast and was involved in developing a company called International AWoL that produced events for the college scene at the time.

He is one of the most resourceful people I know and has made me realize the importance of utilizing the internet to research key people and information that will help in aiding and accomplishing goals.  With growing content and viral success, Comedy Hype has grabbed the attention of huge networks like MTV who see the potential in a platform that caters to comedy news.  

They are bringing new light to the world of comedians online and on their way to changing the game. 


Comedy Hype aims to push the culture of urban comedy. We are in a space dominated by Comedy Central. Like Comedy Central is essentially the only place the people know to get comedy. What Comedy Hype looks to do is push the culture and make it look clean, cool, and sexy. We want to ESPN comedy, comedy news all day all the time and add in our own programming.  


We have a great working relationship with MTV. We did the Guy Code project a few months ago, which highlighted the cast with some pretty in depth interviews.


 Comedy plays a major role in race I believe. I went to predominantly African American schools my whole life and at those lunch tables it was always comedy, we snapped on each other so much. It was definitely a culture thing in school for me. That’s just what the black kids did we told jokes. In junior high you either wanted to be a WWF wrester or the class clown.

In politics I haven’t seen a politician that was just completely funny other than VP Joe Biden I think he’s the funniest politician. But politics I think you have to be comical to connect with people you cant be serious all the time.


I like a guy based out of Atlanta named O.D. Odell. I think he’s funny, I saw one of his set in Atlanta at Uptown Comedy Club he really connected with me. Not because he was funny cause obviously most comedians are, but because of his jokes on relationships and dating. It was like he described my relationships like he was there and made jokes about it. 


My partner Jon and myself are far from rich but we are definitely creative’s and that helps a lot.  At Comedy Hype we read a lot… like a lot. The process for creating is definitely just making sure it makes sense, is on brand, and will connect with our current audience but also reach other audiences who may be unfamiliar with Comedy Hype.


The Game Changers List is just a new way to push the culture; normally we highlight just the top comedians for the calendar year. This year we shook it up a bit. This list highlighted the most influential comedians, writers, execs, companies, etc. in urban comedy. Those who are Changing the Game.


It was crazy!

 It was right after Maya Angelou had past away and we posted a piece of her with Dave Chappelle from 2006 and I don’t know exactly how it traveled so fast but we definitely didn’t expect it to travel as much as it did. We were averaging about 80,000 views a day and it just took off on the site, Facebook, and Twitter. I think the biggest shock/surprise was when Judd Apatow tweeted it out.


It definitely isn’t easy. For the day to day my role is making sure everything looks good, planning, checking the analytics, responding to emails, setting up interviews, etc. I’m definitely more on the business side. Jon is more of the research guy, I would describe him as Nas meets Phil Knight. For some reason he’s really into Nike right now for some reason.


Right now we’re just focused on building the site up. We haven’t thought too much on podcast or radio just yet. But we are exploring options on Comedy Hype comedy tours, collaborations, and apparel such as shirts and maybe hats. But who knows the future will tell…


Comedy Hype is the place to go for urban comedy. One thing I do want to say is that we are real people and I know everybody says that, but I really do mean it. We pride our self on the importance of time and being accessible. We see every email, tweet, text, etc. and 90% of the time there is always a response. No funny style shit over here. For projects I don’t want to say too much but we are working… Stay tuned


We have our good and bad days but like anything you just have to stick with it if you truly believe in it. We have had a lot of deals on the table that didn’t go according to plan. We have that attitude like just got to keep going. And I don’t wont to make it seem like shit is all bad cause we have deals that have happened and have formed great industry relationships. The biggest thing for me is the learning process behind every deal, every conversation, and every email whether good or bad. Conversations are always cool but nothing is set until its in ink.


I think for me the funniest moment was on our first interview we did for This is back before we did the name change to and was still going as Dalaughingbarrel.comSo the interview comes out and it was cool the views were there but soon after the comments started coming in and they just let Jon have it.

On the important end I just want to inspire people. I’m not your typical guy running a website. I’m from Harlem, NY, I went to three High Schools, graduated Clark Atlanta this past May after starting in Fall 2006 and then dropping out in Fall 2008 then going back in Fall 2011. All I want to say is do something that means something to you and if you don’t have one find one.