Speaking With UnoEth



FAmily business

My dad and I are really close. We talk at least once a day— mostly in the afternoon on my commute home from work. You can call me your typical ‘Daddy’s Girl.'   Working with him in a completely new area is really eye-opening and you really get to know one another in a different space. I’ve recognized more strengths in him than I ever knew he had.  It’s been a great experience getting to spend lots of time with him.

For me, I’ve learned that patience really is a virtue. We can be so used to everything being instant but other parts of the world and processes simply are not there yet. I’ve also learned that keeping a clear head is super important to maintain your goal in sight at all times. Clarity helps me chill out when things aren’t going my way, which occurs more than I’d like, but hey — if starting a business was easy, everyone would do it.


I am so incredibly grateful that my parents took me around the world at a young age. I’ve hopped islands in the Caribbean from Cuba to , Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Barbados, to Lake Geneva in Switzerland, hiked to the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia to sunbathing in Ipanema in Brazil. I believe traveling during my younger years has molded me to see the world differently, to always stay curious and gain an appetite to learn about other cultures. When traveling to a new place, international or domestic, I always felt a bit out of my comfort zone...and I hated it! As I got older, I came to terms that these are teaching moments in life, which only make me stronger. 


Our inspiration to start UnoEth came from a custom-made messenger bag made by an artisan, so we decided to keep them all that way. I also come from a family of small businesses. They drive local economies and supporting small businesses, like ourselves, is much more personal. 

Addis Ababa

In the morning, there are sounds of church bells, the aroma of morning coffee roast and frankincense.  Addis is a mix of old and new buildings with lots of people walking on the sidewalks dressed in both traditional Ethiopian attire and Western styles. Cars zip around, honking at other cars or swerving past super packed buses and vans. Outside of the city is serene and quite a trek to get there. The roads get more rocky and instead of traffic jams, you get stuck behind herds of goats and sheep. I’m excited to see the changes on the horizon, but hope the city still keeps its charm.



I’ve always had my head in the clouds--off in some far-off space, taking my thoughts on crazy adventures and ideas. I enjoy exploring. I’m the type of gal that will go for a drive, without directions and take unknown paths to see where they end. Any free moment I have, I like to spend out in nature. Being outdoors is truly rejuvenating and reconnects myself to the present moment. Friends and family will say that I’m truly a kid at heart and can catch me skipping, dancing and mocking people— both strangers and loved ones :) I believe I’m a very good representation of both of my parents.  My mom is Puerto Rican and is an absolutely fearless attorney, strong-willed, determined and loving at the same time. My dad is a laid-back wanderlust who thirsts for knowledge, culture and history. Both enjoy fulfilling their lives to the fullest in memories, wellness and happiness. I only hope to become half of what they are today.



I’m inspired by positivity. Amazing things happen when good vibrations are happening. Having passion, love, happiness and laughter are what make life sweet. As cliche as it sounds, that’s all I want in life. I’m inspired by creative collaborations in business and art, good samaritans and random acts of kindness. What’s even more inspiring are witnessing and hearing of people overcoming enormous challenges and surpassing their goals. They’re believers and dreamers— the future of this world.